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Right place, right time, right product. Deduction Prevention

Both Suppliers and Retailers feel the costs of "non-compliance." For Retailers, non-compliance can mean lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, and extra logistics and processing costs. For Suppliers, "non-compliance" leads to costly deductions, profit losses, customer dissatisfaction, and diminished sales.

Unnecessary Profit Losses - Solved

Is this your problem? Retailer compliance errors in packaging, shipping, labeling, EDI, ASN, and a hundred other operating details can cost you hundreds of thousands and for larger companies, millions of dollars in deduction losses every year. Even with the staff you have to monitor all these rules and regulations, frequently they are missed, resulting in errors that cost you big money.

The Solution: We act as your agent to monitor customer compliance rules daily, and, with our powerful technology, we track and alert you of any changes daily so you can update your processes.

Merchandise Supplier Benefits

  • Slash compliance deduction costs and increase profit
  • Defend future post audit deductions
  • Reduce administrative overhead and staffing
  • Cut order errors
  • Become a top-rated supplier
  • Act today so you can start making more profit tomorrow

Retailer Benefits

  • Drive down costs due to order exceptions
  • Speed flow of goods to the floor for greater sales
  • Increase profits
  • Improve supplier relations

Standard and Enhanced Features

  • Monitors your customers' compliance guidelines, thousands of web pages daily
  • Summarizes and prioritizes all changes
  • Catalog, search and save updates to streamline your workflow
  • Add personal notes and reminders for follow-up
  • Daily change alerts based on each user's predetermined criteria
  • Unlimited subscriber access
  • Document repository for easy access to retailer requirements
  • Archives changes for four years to defend against post audit deductions

Join the hundreds of top companies that are already saving millions of dollars every year by using the Compliance Clearinghouse.

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